Dribbble Search

I love searching through Dribbble for inspiration.

So I put together a tool that helps me instantly scan through hundreds of results, and quickly collect the most relevant shots.

Instead of tediously going through results one page at a time, I can now consider far more ideas, far more more quickly.

Whenever I sit down to sketch, I love keeping Dribbble handy to help me explore more ideas.

Curiously, using Pivvvot on a large monitor while working with a few other people works suprisingly well.

People who typically refrain from talking about visual design are usually able to articulate keywords for what they're thinking of, and quickly point to sample shots that everyone can understand.

When you scroll to the end of the page, a purple glow races across the screen serving as a progress indicator as more shots get loaded.

I design and build interfaces, primarily for web and iOS.

In my spare time I also like to prototype new ways for people to interact with technology.
Get in touch - email me at ryhan@cmu.edu.

I`m currently a senior at Carnegie Mellon interested in the intersection between computer science and user interface design.

Previously I created interactive prototypes and wrote JavaScript at Apple, Google, and Metalab Design. I`m fond of CoffeeScript.

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