Lockscreen Notifications for Mac

I built myself a screensaver that adapts iOS' lockscreen for Macs.

Alike my iOS devices, I wanted a way to constantly display useful information - information like upcoming meetings, reminders, the time, and the weather.

At the moment it supports Google Calendar, Music (Spotify, Rdio), Flow (Reminders), and local weather. Down the road I'd like to try to make the display context aware by considering factors such as time of day and my current GPS location.

I design and build interfaces, primarily for web and iOS.

In my spare time I also like to prototype new ways for people to interact with technology.
Get in touch - email me at ryhan@cmu.edu.

I`m currently a senior at Carnegie Mellon interested in the intersection between computer science and user interface design.

Previously I created interactive prototypes and wrote JavaScript at Apple, Google, and Metalab Design. I`m fond of CoffeeScript.

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