Apple Inc.

Interactive Intern, Summer 2013

I was lucky enough to spend a summer working on with a team of incredibly talented developers and designers.

Over the course of the summer I created interactive animated prototypes, built an internal QA tool, and shipped product launches on I also took second place in an internal product design competition in which I designed and presented an original concept to top Apple executives.

My group really loved polaroids, so just for fun I put together this little faux-polaroid photobooth.

For a Studio night, I invited coworkers to stand in front of a Thunderbolt display's camera and take quick group pictures using an iPhone as a trigger.

After automatically applying a filter, onlookers could flick their photo onto the display to see a grid of all the photos taken throughout the night.

I design and build interfaces, primarily for web and iOS.

In my spare time I also like to prototype new ways for people to interact with technology.
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I`m currently a senior at Carnegie Mellon interested in the intersection between computer science and user interface design.

Previously I created interactive prototypes and wrote JavaScript at Apple, Google, and Metalab Design. I`m fond of CoffeeScript.

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